Africa is the world’s second largest continent
by both land area and population. Stretched
across 30.3 million km2 of land, Africa is home
to 1.2 Billion people and has a GDP of $2.45
trillion (2019). Yet millions of people around the world today
still think of the whole of Africa as one dark, tiny country, with people living in mud houses and walking around naked. When many hear
“Africa”, they think elephants and lions, diseases and crime, corruption and oppression. Some of these might be true, but that is NOT
the entire African story.

Despite all the challenges, there is beauty in Africa. There is immense, un-quantifiable potential in Africa! The African culture and people are some of the greatest and most charming in the world. This is the essence of the platform – to share the true and complete Africa with the world. Mission

  • To bridge the knowledge gap about Africa for Africans and the rest of the world.
  • To create a platform where Africans and people of other cultures globally can turn to for genuine and reliable in-depth knowledge of
  • To reconnect Africans in diaspora with their culture and values and a cause reawakening and rediscovery of their authentic self. To birth a pan-African culture exchange and knowledge sharing amongst Africans around the word.
  • Drive sustainable tourism and investments to Africa by painting the true picture and potential of Africa.